About Me

Hi! My name is Kevin, and this is my attempt to put together a web portfolio of my work. This will be a bit of a work in progress as this is the first web page I've built since Geocities (did I date myself?). I've spent the last ten years working in the tech industry (primarially in government) doing Systems Engineering, SysAdmin work before breaking in to DevOps type work and building infrastructure in the cloud.

Currently my daily work involves creating and maintaining infrastructure in AWS using CloudFormation in support of several applications as well as automating as much of our delivery pipeline as possible. Being someone who likes to challenge themselves, this effort is my start in picking up developer skills, something in the past that I have lacked. So while this portfolio will initially be light in content, I'm hoping to quickly add to it as I take online courses to learn these skills.

Technical Skills
Operating Systems - Linux, Windows, Mac
Languages - Bash, Python (novice)
AWS Technologies - CloudFormation, ALB, S3, AutoScaling, ECR
CI/CD Tools - Docker, Jenkins, Git
Static Code Analysis - SonarQube

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional & Associate, AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional AWS Certified SysOps - Associate, AWS Certified Developer - Associate, Project Management Professional